Activist Timeshare House Sponsorship

Have you ever found yourself staring out the window, thinking how great it would be to own a little retreat house in Thailand?  Where you can take a long pause, rest, go inwards to reflect? Where it is warm in the winter, and the sky is blue, and a short bike trip through forests gets you to hot springs and sacred caves and mountains?  Where your house is supporting social justice activism because when you aren’t using it, other activists on retreat can?

We thought so. Read on.

For a donation of $6000 USD, we will build you a one room bungalow with ensuite bathroom, solar power, and your very own view of Doi Luang mountain.  You tell us when during the year you (or your close friends) will be using the bungalow and we will use it the rest of the year to house activist retreatants.  We manage the build and the maintenance.  Sounds ideal, right?

Contact us for more details…


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