who we are


Ouyporn Khuankaew, co-founder and lead trainer

Ouyporn is a Buddhist feminist activist and has been a workshop facilitator in Asia since 1995. She facilitates workshops on feminist counseling, sexuality and anti-oppression, peacebuilding, and nonviolent direct action with Thai NGO and government workers, and regional and international participants. She also guides meditation retreats for activists. Prior to IWP, she ran the gender program of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists.

Ginger Norwood, co-founder and program manager

Ginger is a feminist activist from the US who has lived in Thailand for 15 years.  She organizes and facilitates IWP’s Asia regional and international workshops for grassroots community activists on anti-oppression feminism, collective leadership, gender and diversity, nonviolent direct action, and peacebuilding.  Prior to IWP, she worked on the Thai-Burma border with Burma refugee and exile women’s organizations and continues as an ally to the Burma movements for democracy.

Pairin Ruangrit, training center manager

Pairin “Nong” has worked with IWP since 2004.  She is a native of Mae Rim and has helped to develop the facilities, staff, and systems of IWP’s training center.

Naiyana Prapaiwong, Thai programs coordinator and yoga instructor

Naiyana “Ying” is from southern Thailand and moved to work with IWP in 2008. She guides yoga and meditation for IWP’s Thai courses and is the coordinator of our Thai programs.  Prior to IWP, Ying worked with an NGO in the south focusing on community development in tsunami affected areas.

Dutdao Ruangrit, cook

“Dao” is a Mae Rim native has been a member of IWP’s cook and guesthouse teams since 2005. She also runs a coffee shop serving delicious smoothies, coffee and tea.

Wandah Nuafahn, cook

“Ba Dah” has been a member of IWP’s cook team since 2004.  She lives just behind the guesthouse and offers delicious food and a welcoming smile to everyone who comes.

Ohn, maintenance and logistics

Ohn has worked with IWP since 2007 and takes care of anything that needs to be taken care of.  Her ability to fix things is extraordinary.

Lah, cook and maintenance
Lah is a Mae Rim native who has worked with IWP since 2013. She is an integral part of the cook and maintenance teams, and her quiet efficiency keeps everything moving smoothly.