Women’s Natural Building Workshop



Dates: March 4-6th, in Chiang Dao, northern Thailand (about 70kms north of Chiang Mai)

Who: women of any age in any physical condition who have a desire to get out of the city, get muddy and learn new skills supported by other women

What will we do?: in this 3 day intro course, we will cover natural building basics including sun dried brick making, building with adobe, plasters and natural paints, and other building techniques including ‘wattle-and-cob’. It will be fully ‘hands-on’ and we will work on various projects at Suan San Santi ‘Weaving Peace Retreat’, a new activist retreat space being built by IWP. We will also tour Pun Pun Sustainable Living Farm and IWP’s center to get inspiration and ideas from other earthern buildings.

Costs: total investment is 3,500 baht ($100 USD) which includes course fees, all food and accommodation at a nearby guesthouse for the 3 day/2 night course. It also includes transportation from Chiang Mai out to Chiang Dao, and daily transport to/from the work site.

Who are we?: International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice (IWP) is a feminist organization working with grassroots activists on sustainable strategies for social change by integrating feminism, nonviolent action and spiritual practice. Pun Pun is a farm, natural building, seed saving and organic farming training centre. IWP and Pun Pun are a perfect match for women’s building courses, bringing together feminism and natural building, as well as a belief that work and play should always integrate the building of community. This is our 7th all women’s workshop.

For more about our work, see our websites: womenforpeaceandjustice.org and punpunthailand.org.

To register for the course, contact gingernorwood@gmail.com